Get to know LKC

Lori Kyler Christensen is the creative mind and designer behind the brands Venni Caprice, and Siren by LKC Collection. Her handmade, Boston-based couture labels have been a staple of the region's ever-evolving fashion industry for many years. In 2019, LKC switched gears to focus on helping other companies with their branding needs with the launch of "industry." by LKC Collection. 


The versatile Christensen has a background in music as a singer and entertainment as a reporter/host on Dirty Water TV (a regional nightlife and entertainment show on New England Sports Network or NESN). She also went on with her best friend to start an internet-based web series titled Zero Fox Life. ZFL is a comedy based video series and online community with live streams, and their own humor focused merchandise line.

Christensen has been creating, designing, and sewing her entire life. LKC's plan of becoming a professional singer was put on hold when she was diagnosed with epilepsy in her 20's, which paved the way for her focus in the future in fashion, branding, and entertainment. 


Christensen was asked directly by Arianna Huffington to write an article for Huffpost, and in 2015, became an official contributing writer for the Huffington Post for the next three years.

After retiring from fashion design, she saw an opportunity to help businesses by matching the energy of their company with their online identity. It is crucial to hook a client, customer, or fan with social media and online persona these days, and Lori has mastered the art of harnessing the vibe of each of her clients to perfectly display it to newcomers.

With the support of the amazing people in her life, Lori has been able to continue to pursue all of her dreams and always lives by the motto - "Life is a beautiful gift".